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We want to make it as simple as possible to run every small business.
Our goal is to make it possible to do business and digitally link them.

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Who we are?

Since 2002, we at Fortune Billing Software Inc. have met one million of traders and business startup owners who are aiming for the same goal – earn more profit in all their business deals. Through our software and services, we are able to provide satisfaction to all our clients. Our products such as free billing, accounting software and inventory software has catered and contributed so much to small businesses and start-ups, which we have been entrusted and solidified through our ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Our Mission

Our main mission is to reduce the burdens of our customers by providing access to tools such as billing software and streamlined data that is badly needed for business analytics. Through this access, our customers will then be able to focus on other important aspects of the business and could eventually help in maximizing the profit and reach its full potential.

Our main product Fortune Billing Software aims to be smart and simple to avoid any complications for our customers. It is designed to be fun and easy to use but at the same time still within the aspect of meaning “business” all around the areas of the software. This free billing software is all you could need, and it is easy to try.

Over the years, the customer support team that we have put through has been working tirelessly to work with our customers in saving time and money through solving problems in the soonest possible time. Our cross-team collaboration has been proven effective in working out the most difficult challenges through brainstorming and pin–pointing the best streamlined solutions. We worked hard to develop Fortune Billing Software to get it up to speed and frequently updated, in order to become usable for our customers wherever they may be. As technology and demands get updated, we make it a point that BillSoft is updated (and ensure timely release) so all our customer’s challenges (whether current or imminent), will be solved in the soonest possible time.

All in all, our customer–focused drive has given us an opportunity to work with a lot of satisfied customers over the years and we would like to continue as long as we can. A lot of them have trusted us and became satisfied with our products and services, and now we’re hoping you would be next.

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Fortune Billing Software Inc.

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Nagpur, Maharashtra-25 (India)


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Our Values


We are honest, fair and clear and are continually working to be better-for staff, customers and partners.


We understand the needs and sentiments of others, connect on a human level and then see the world first through people's eyes.


First we will be providing what our people and customers need to be successful.

We help you understand
your customers

Fortune Offline billing software can be used anywhere, anytime without the internet. On the go, you can generate invoices, quotes, manage tax, staff and salary management, and reports no matter where you are. All of your data will be stored locally on your computer, tablet or phone until you are within range of the internet. The data automatically syncs with the server, so your information is always up to date. This is crucial for printing out invoices, barcode management, tracking business expenses, and getting in-depth financial reports. Using the best in class multi-core business engine, streamline your entire billing process today.

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Great user friendly platform

Very simple billing software and to the point. Easy to operate with minimum staff training. Solves my all business issues.


Value for money

It manages my staff so well, now I do not have to worry about their late comings, attendance.


Ease of use

one click invoice solves my every evening rush hour problem. I shocked to learn that we can generate invoice in a second


Customer support

I am a retail trader and cannot afford to hire an accountant. After start using Fortune I can manage my business so well

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