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What Is The Impact Of Coronavirus On The Retail Industry?

The coronavirus pandemic has, in many ways, altered the normal flow of human life. A virus that originally originated in Wuhan a city in China has posed a global threat and has drastically affected the lives of mankind. Due to the rising number of COVID-19 cases,

By Sanjay Jain - April 23, 2020

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The Benefits Of Technology In Business

The civilisation is at that stage where machines control everything. Technology has made life better and a lot easier. The needs of our daily life to running any business concern requires the aid of technology at first hand. Therefore, it is needless to say how technology has affected

By Anshul Goyal - July 07, 2020

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How Hitech BillSoft Will Change Your Business

Small business enterprises usually manage things on a spreadsheet to monitor their systems effectively. But the fact is organizations, no matter how big or small, that maintain their billable hours on Excel sheets are more prone to make mistakes; and end up sending inaccurate or misleading invoices

By Sumit Sharma - May 15, 2020

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What Happens If You Start Your Business Without Planning?

In today’s age and times, when more and more youths are attracted towards entrepreneurship rather than regular jobs, a very crucial question comes to the forefront: "Do you need a business plan?"

By Sumit Sharma - May 15, 2020

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GST: An Introduction To The Goods And Service Tax In India

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By Manisha Sing - July 17, 2017

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The Benefits Of Offline Billing Software

Traditionally business is never exclusive to accounting or billing. It includes the documentation of the transaction that takes place between the seller and the buyer.

By Komal Patel - April 15, 2020

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Why Is Computerized Billing Much Better Than Paper Billing?

In today’s age and times, the digital world has become the norm, in pretty much every aspect of our lives. A large chunk of what we do every day is “computerized”, so to say. Especially the current generation is eventually moving towards an era

By Nitya Nagaut - Feb 17, 2020

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Why Is Offline Billing Software Much Better Than Online Billing Software?

Billing is a major challenge for SaaS business owners these days. As it is directly linked to revenue generation, investing in the right billing solution is of paramount importance for companies that operate on the SaaS business model.

By Sonal Gupta - Jan 23, 2019

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Why Is Offline Invoicing Software Better Than Online Invoicing Software?

Billing systems are essential for any business. A valid invoice system ensures seamless transactions and also keeps a record of all sales for any future reference.

By Priyanka Deshmukh - May 10, 2020

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